Health InnoFacilitator, a succes story

Today, Health InnoFacilitator was represented in a webinar as a "succes story" of EIE founding organised by the PCN Ecosystèmes européens d'innovation (EIE) et EIT of the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research.

The tips that were highlighted by Medicen Paris Region in order to get financed were:

  • to already have your expertise in a consortium that represent all of your stakeholders
  • to have very clear and ambitious key performance indicators
  • to have precise actions that answer to the state of play explained in the proposals
  • to build your project on previous initiative and to look for synergies with already exesting ones.

It was also very interesting to also hear about the success story of the CAFEIN - Cluster Action For Ecosystem Innovation Network project presented by Pauline CAPUS for ASSOCIATION FRANCAISE DES POLES DE COMPETITIVITE. It was a great honnour for Health InnoFacilitator to be invited to participate. Thank you again.


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