About Health InnoFacilitator

Health InnoFacilitator aims to create a community leveraging capabilities and promoting innovation procurement in healthcare services.

The project will demonstrate relevance and effectiveness of cooperation between various stakeholders, supporting innovation actors (start-ups and SMEs) in healthcare to access public procurement, and supporting the public and private buyers (hospitals, regional and local authorities, public and private purchasing centers) to launch Public Procurement of Innovation (PPI).

Transforming the public procurement culture of multiple EU public buyers into one that systematically encourages added value for citizens and market innovation and advances towards Public Procurement of Innovation (PPI) is one of our strategic goals.

This can be achieved by applying a value-based approach, ensuring that the most economic solutions are selected and invested in striving for the good health of all EU citizens.

Health InnoFacilitator objectives

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1 - Create an aware community

Foster and nurture a sustainable community of innovation procurement stakeholders in healthcare and build capabilities within the community.

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2- Increase the awareness, skills and knowledge

Increase the awareness, skills and knowledge about innovation procurement among the community – buyers, evaluators, solution providers, actors of innovation in healthcare (including MedTech, Biotech and digital health) - by providing training packages, mentoring and coaching as well as online community support.

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3- Improve SMEs and start-ups capability

Improve SMEs and start-ups capability to access to innovation procurement, therefore support the growth and development of innovative SMEs and start-ups in healthcare by making it easier for them to address public demand through participation in public procurement of innovation and by creating a business-friendly environment by reducing the administrative burden on SMEs (improving conditions for businesses).

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4- Support the cultural change towards more and better PPI

Leverage capability among the buyers to develop innovation procurement and support the cultural change towards more and better PPI.

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5- Enhance cooperation between public and private organizations

Enhance cooperation between public and private organizations on PPI, foster public and private partnership to encourage the co-design of innovation procurement (matching the buyers’ needs and helping the buyers to identify existing innovative solutions and to identify their needs for research and development), develop and strengthen adequate links between public administrations, ecosystem of innovation and the private sector to exploit the purchasing potential of public buyers, answering to the need to facilitate links between public buyers and innovative companies, with special emphasis on SMEs and start-ups, as well as the ecosystem of sectoral experts and investors.

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6- Promote best practices that can facilitate PPI

Promote best practices, value-based procurement (VBP), EU dimension of solutions, and new cooperation models, clarify the relationship between network and stakeholders (existing ones and new ones) that can facilitate PPI (innovation agencies, Enterprise Europe Network, experts, industry, procuring facilitators). The development of a framework and tool to award the procurement of medical technologies whereby purchasing decisions are based on the holistic value of the medical technologies, services or solutions.

Contact us at info@innofacilitator.eu