Coaching services for innovation procurement

Health Innofacilitator invites public procurers operational in the provisioning of health and social care to apply for the Call for coaching sessions to receive advise to facilitate the launch of future tenders to procure innovative solutions.

The coaching services consist of ad-hoc individual supporting sessions that will be focused on the following topics:

  • Topic #1: Advise public buyers on the formulation of their needs: help public buyers to identify and define their most relevant unmet need(s) with a bottom-up approach methodology.
  • Topic #2: Advise public buyers on the PPI process: specialized sessions for those buyers enrolled in a PPI process. Their goal will be to serve as a reference point for concrete doubt resolution.

The objective of the coaching services is to provide personalized guidance through one-on-one sessions of advisory support.


Each applicant can apply for one or both coaching services offered (Topic#1 and Topic#2). In case that beneficiaries want to apply to both types of coaching services, two separate applications must be submitted.

Applicants shall submit their application electronically by email following the instructions included in the Call document. They should take full account of all proposal documents available here.


  2. COMPLETE THE APPLICATION FORM: Applications will include an administrative form (Annex 1) and Proposal template (Annex 2),
  3. SUBMIT THE PROPOSAL: Sent as a single .pdf document by email (

The Call for Coaching services closed on the 29th of February 2024.

A selection committee of experts has evaluated the received applications. The public procurers to receive this assistance have been chosen through a fully transparent selection procedure against the weighted criteria detailed in the Call.

The results of the Innofacilitator Call for Coaching Services for Innovation Procurement are available here.  

Health InnoFacilitator project objective is to enable procurers to learn about and adopt innovation procurement practices, tools, approaches and policies with the objective to deploy sustainable and innovative solutions in health care.

This approach is based on two types of advisory services: the coaching services and the complementary workshops already delivered and available in our repository:

  • Workshop #1 -The Process of Public Procurement of Innovation
  • Workshop #2 - Legal aspects in the implementation of a PPI
  • Workshop #3 - Implementation of a PPI process

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