Health InnoFacilitator Partners

Health InnoFacilitator gathers 6 EU partners and one affiliated entity with expertise in innovation procurement including healthcare clusters, innovation and PPI support companies and public/private healthcare buyers.

Medicen Paris Region (Project Coordinator)

Largest life-sciences cluster in France, it brings together private and public players to develop the therapeutic solutions of tomorrow. Medicen Paris Region federates more than 500 members, covering all the value chain - academics and clinical research, the largest EU hospital network, large companies and more than 400 start-ups and SMEs (Biotech, MedTech, Digital health).
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Medicen Paris Region


Bioindustry Park Silvano Fumero / bioPmed

Bioindustry Park Silvano Fumero is the Italian Science Park specialized in Life sciences and healthcare, located in Piedmont (Italy). The park hosts life science companies, R&D and training centers, supports the growth of start-ups and scale-ups, acts as technology transfer enabler and promotes the interaction between research and industry, bridging universities, companies, research centers and healthcare service providers.

Since 2009 Bioindustry Park is the managing company of bioPmed, the regional innovation cluster dedicated to life science and health care. bioPmed members and its community, composed by more than 350 players, represent the entire healthcare value chain: Universities and R&D centers, start-ups and SMEs, large multinational companies, research and care foundations, local public hospitals and healthcare authorities, training and specialised service providers.

bioPmed promotes the creative interaction between local authorities, research, industry and citizens, stimulating innovation, collaboration, life-long learning and accompanying internationalization processes. All the cluster members share a common vision and the same strategic approach towards innovation, considered as the main driver for competitiveness.
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Bioindustry Park Silvano Fumero / bioPmed


EUREGHA is a network of 19 regional and local health authorities from 10 countries across Europe, with a Brussels-based Secretariat, which puts EUREGHA in a unique position for outreach and exchange. EUREGHA aims to promote collaboration amongst European regions and local authorities within the framework of policies relating to public health and health care, aiming to achieve innovative, sustainable, future-proof health systems delivering more accessible and better care for all. EUREGHA also cooperates with the EU institutions, international and public organizations related to public health and health care.

Based on this approach, EUREGHA views the future of healthcare through three lenses: a paradigm shift towards value-based healthcare; taking full advantage of digital transformation; and community and co-creation as key concepts in designing and implementing policies. Building on that, EUREGHA identifies a set of enablers representing how it can be achieved: policies and frameworks; education, skills and literacy development; value-based procurement strategies; health systems integration; health promotion and prevention; and cross-border cooperation.



The European Hospital and Healthcare Federation (HOPE) is a European non-profit association of Belgian status, created in 1966. HOPE includes national hospital associations or representatives from national hospital owners’ organisations of the 27 Member States of the European Union (as well as from the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and the Republic of Serbia as observer members).

HOPE members cover almost 80% of hospital activity in the EU.
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Resah is a Public Interest Group (GIP) whose objective is to support the mutualization and professionalization of the procurement of public and private non-profit healthcare and social organizations, in order to improve their individual and collective performance. A workforce composed by 190 collaborators, mainly based in Paris.
Resah act as a public Central Purchasing Body (CPB) that leverages the purchasing power of hospitals and nursing homes in France. Resah is the only CPB specialized in both healthcare and medical-social sectors in France.

It offers more than 4000 public contracts in all the procurement segments, covering all hospital needs: medical (pharmaceuticals, medical devices, biomedical equipment, PPE…) and non-medical (ICT solutions, catering, energy…), from more than 700 suppliers, including 45% of SMEs. Today the public organization has more than 2100 beneficiaries, including almost all French public and non-for-profit hospitals, nursing homes but also other public organizations like the public health national agency. The procurement volume through Resah’s public contracts was 2 billion € in 2022.

In addition to the Central Purchasing activity, Resah propose other services like a Training Center, publications on public procurement and logistic in the healthcare sector (guides…), consulting services, a website dedicated to public procurement, an annual event Les Journées de l’Achat Hospitalier that gather more than 600 participants each year etc…

Resah is one of the key procurement players in the healthcare sector in France and Europe. Resah is the founding member of the EHPPA Association.
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SILO is a knowledge intensive policy-oriented SME specialized in science and innovation governance, innovation procurement, business development and technology circulation in the international context.

The public-private experience at the highest level allows the design, implementation, management, and evaluation of tailor-made solutions for the innovation ecosystem. SILO has a unique knowledge of the health and biotechnology sector that allows the company to work with hospitals, administrations and innovative companies in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and health technology sectors. SILO’s Public Sector Unit addresses all facets of public procurement in all sectors and organizations, accompanying them throughout the process of generating the contracting, bidding, and awarding file until the end of the project.
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EHPPA (Affiliated entity)

Created in 2012 by Resah and NHS-CS, the European Health Public Procurement Alliance (EHPPA) reunites 11 Central Purchasing Bodies (CPB) from 10 EU countries with the main goal to pool expertise, leverage performance and provide its members with a strategic position in the healthcare procurement market. EHPPA facilitates the exchange of knowledge and good practices in order to enhance and professionalize the healthcare public procurement sector in Europe.

In September 2022, in partnership with Health Proc Europe, EHPPA organized the 1st Pan-European Hospital & Healthcare Procurement Summit that gathered more than 550 participants from 35 different countries in Brussels, with a majority of representatives from the hospital and procurement side.
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