Health InnoFacilitator Community Launch Event

Join us at the Health InnoFacilitator Community Launch Event on 21st June, from 14:00 to 15:00 CEST.

During this webinar, we will officially launch and introduce the InnoFacilitator Community to our stakeholders and the general public. It's an opportunity to gain valuable insights and explore the benefits of becoming a member of this thriving community. 🚀🎉


14:00 - Registration and Welcome 👋

14:05 - The InnoFacilitator Project: Introduction 🌐

14:10 - Presentation of the InnoFacilitator Community 🗣️

14:15 - The InnoFacilitator Community platform: how to become a Member 📲

14:25 - Insights from our Advocators: Community's benefits and opportunities 📚💼

14:40 - Q&A ❓❔

14:55 - InnoFacilitator upcoming activities and closing remarks 📅🎤

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to be a part of the InnoFacilitator Community. Register for the event using the link below and unlock the limitless possibilities of innovation procurement in healthcare services. 📩🔓

We look forward to your presence and active participation in the Health InnoFacilitator Community Launch Event. Let's shape the future of healthcare together! 🤝🏥💪



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