Why joining the InnoFacilitator Community?

Health InnoFacilitator is a EU-funded project that aims to create a community leveraging capabilities and promoting innovation procurement in healthcare services. The project will demonstrate the relevance and effectiveness of cooperation between various stakeholders, supporting innovation actors (start-ups and SMEs) in healthcare to access public procurement, and supporting the public and private buyers (hospitals, regional and local authorities, public and private purchasing centers) to launch Public Procurement of Innovation (PPI).

As a Member of the Community, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Exchange knowledge, information, and best practices in health innovation procurement with relevant and active actors in the field, both from the demand and supply sides.
  • Expand your network contacts;
  • Be invited and involved in Community activities;
  • Stay updated on the latest developments of the InnoFacilitator project;
  • Be informed about relevant initiatives and events in health innovation procurement;

We do believe that your membership would be extremely valuable to enrich our Community and foster connections between buyers and innovators in Europe, supporting the cultural change towards more and better PPI.

How to become a member?

1. Users with existing account in the platform

If you already have a registered account in the platform, all you have to do is to log in first, and then you can easily register to the Community by clicking on the “Register for free” button located in the box on the right column in the Information/Welcome page.
The user will be able to access the InnoFacilitator Community platform and features after getting approval from the Community admins. The approval will be notified by an automatic email.

InnoFacilitator Community landing page
InnoFacilitator Community landing page – Register for free button

2. Users with no registered account in the platform

Step 1: Create your account (credentials)

If you do not have a registered account on the platform, you need to create your own account as a first step. To register your profile, the following information is required: first name, last name, email address, and account password. After submitting your registration, an automatic email from the platform will end up in your inbox asking you to confirm the registration. Confirm your registration by clicking on the button in the email, and you will be directed to step 2: organization verification. Alternatively, you can register your profile by logging in with your LinkedIn or Google account.

Creation of the account on the platform
Creation of the account on the platform
Step 2: Verify with an organisation

To register to the InnoFacilitator Community, you are required to associate your profile with the organisation you represent or work for. You should land automatically on the organization verification page from the email received. If not, you can click on the “Assign to organization” button on the top left, next to the user’s icon.
You can search for your organisation by typing the name in the search bar and then selecting it. When applying for an existing organisation, approval from your organisation’s main contact in the platform might be needed to complete the verification.

If the organisation is not registered on the platform, the user is required to create the organisation profile. A “Create new organisation” button will appear under the results found. After filling out all the mandatory information and validating your affiliation, the user is ready to apply for membership in the InnoFacilitator Community.

Verification of the organisation
Verification of the organisation
Step 3: Apply for membership

The user can finally send the registration request for the InnoFacilitator Community by clicking on the “Apply for membership” button, which will be unlocked after completing Step 1 and Step 2.

The user will be able to access the InnoFacilitator Community platform and features after getting approval from the Community admins. The approval will be notified by an automatic email from the platform.

Apply for membership button
Apply for membership button

If you have problems in the registration process, the InnoFacilitator team is always available to give you all the necessary support. You can contact marco.didonato@euregha.net.

Thank you for joining us!
The InnoFacilitator team.

Health InnoFacilitator Community Launch Event video recording

The Health InnoFacilitator Community is kindly hosted on the Healthcare Buyers Community platform, thanks to a special agreement with EHPPA, project’s affiliated entity, and Health Proc Europe. Health Proc Europe is also supporting the project through direct involvement of their CEO Elisa Frenz as one of the InnoFacilitator Advocators.

Contact us at info@innofacilitator.eu